Target Your Best Performers

Reduce Ad Spend
Focus on successful products that drive profits, not traffic.

Channel Manager keeps track of every page view and every sale and uses that data to reduce your CPC (cost per click) fees while increasing your ROI and sales. Channel Manager will help increase your bottom line profits.


What We Offer?

What every major online store does to succeed.
Every major online store advertises online and every store carefully monitors and adjusts its advertising campaigns based on the results it achieves.
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Shopping Engine Feeds
We Submit Your Shopping Feeds Daily
Submit your feeds to all the major Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE's) and streamline your advertising campaign for maximum targeted exposure.
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Marketplace Feeds
Marketplace Feeds Optimally Formatted
Channel Manager has you covered from Amazon to, you can rest assured that your company will benefit from having your feeds present in all the major marketplaces portals.
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Genius Analytics
     w/Cruise Control
Track Your Way To Success
Let our Genius goes to work for you, automatically monitoring traffic, selecting your most profitable products, dropping poor performers and setting your bids. It even tracks mail and phone orders.
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Product Import Wizard
Virtually Everything is Automatic
Even extracting your product data is now a breeze, have our software automatically extract and update your data every day with no intervention on your part from many major web server platforms.
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