• Increase Your Sales! Channel Manager can help you increase your sales by making sure your products are listed on all the major Comparison Shopping Engines and marketplace portals. Shopping Engines and Marketplaces are growing dramatically. There are more shoppers using these portals than ever before. Many of your potential customers will decide to shop here.
  • Reduce your Advertising Cost! In order to reduce cost, two things must happen; first, we have to accumulate very detailed tracking information, and second, we need to use that data to focus your ad-dollars where they are going to be most effective. Advertise your highest converting items more aggressively. Spend on poor performing items is eliminated. Smart Logic intuitively selects new items to promote.
  • Easy to Operate! The automation of importing and modifying your feeds is going to simplify your ad management. Unlike most other channel managing software, ours runs by itself with almost no effort on your part. No need for a full-time employee to manage your accounts. Automatically update your feeds daily. Enjoy the benefits of Data that is always fresh.

Overview - Online Retailing Today

Selling online today requires more than a good product selection and a quality website.

You have to have superior knowledge of each of your products online selling performance. With most of the “big” online stores tracking every hit, every click and every sale, they are able to focus limited advertising dollars on only their best performing products. You are not competing with random products advertised online, you are competing with your competitors best sellers. Now you too can compete with channel manager on your side. The days of putting ads online and hoping you sell enough to cover your advertising costs are long gone. Channel Manager’s technology is now priced so affordably that every small business can compete with the largest online retailers. There are Huge profits to be made on the shopping engines and marketplaces. It is time for you to get started today!

Comparison Shopping Engines
Pick off easy sales on all the major Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE's) that will earn profits for your company. Put the right product where shoppers are looking to buy.Read...

Marketplace Portals
The easiest sales you will earn, with a guaranteed profit for every item sold. You will wonder why you did not start your marketplace accounts years ago. Read...

Genius Analytics
Monitor every hit and click on your website so you can have the knowledge necessary to submit the right products and bids to make your online store a success.Read...

Product Import Wizard
Automatically extract and update your product data every day with no intervention on your part from many major web server platforms. Ask your sales representative. Read...