Comparison Shopping Engine Feeds

Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE) have become a vital part of the online consumer shopping experience.

The Shopping Engines are growing exponentially, if your business wants to expand, you must advertise your products on all of the major players for maximum exposure. Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE) play a vital role in today's consumer shopping.

With unparalleled growth in this segment of the ecommerce market, a successful business should advertise its products on all of the major portals to gain maximum exposure and retail potential. With Channel Manager's Comparison Shopping component, your company will be optimally placed in,, Google Product Search,, and many more.

  • Automatically Submit Feeds, Monitor Traffic and Adjust Bids.

  • Easily categorize your products to obtain maximum-targeted traffic.
  • Formats your data properly for each engine.

  • Take advantage of proper attributes and variations for all your products.